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So This Happened Today…

I did this today, and it hurt like the dickens. I’m not even sure what that expression means, but I have a cut and huge bruise on my shin because of it. Nothing makes you feel as unprofessional at tennis as hitting your shin on the downward swing of your serve.

Finding Myself Outside of Tennis

I love tennis so much, but I came to the point in my life where I realized it’s ALL I seem to talk about with anyone! Luckily my wife is very tolerant of my passion, and she partakes in the love of the game as well, but lately I’ve been thinking of some things I […]

Tennis Player Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

    I’m just now discovering Instagram, and it’s December of 2015 so I guess you could call me a trendsetter. And no, I’m not saying that to plug my own Instagram account - that would be silly, because I don’t post anything! I mostly use it to follow my favorite tennis players. It’s great […]

Remembering Nadal’s First US Open Title

I recently found some entries from a tennis blog I used to keep. I wrote a blog post after Rafa Nadal won his first US Open title in 2010. I thought it would be fun to reminisce… The Spanish tennis phenomenon Rafael Nadal, world number 1, won the US Open, the last Grand Slam of […]